What Is Espresso and Why People Love It

The first time I took my first shot of espresso wasn’t so pleasant. Actually, it was more of a shock. The moment it landed my mouth, I was absolutely not prepared to drink such a strong concentrated cup of coffee. It was the second time I drank espresso that totally won me over. And I’m pretty sure that this is pretty much how it is for others. So, for most of you who just aren’t sure if they are willing to pay $6 for an espresso shot, let me give you a hand.

What is Espresso?

Espresso is a brewing method where you only get the purest extracts of coffee. It is made by forcing steam through a finely ground coffee tightly packed together. This is a relatively new way of brewing coffee. And much like other awesome things like gelato, cappuccino, pasta, pizza, Gucci, and Versace, it originated from Italy.

Six cups of coffee and espresso drinks

Why Do People Love It?

I’m not so sure about others out there but for me, what got me so locked into espresso is its intensity. But there is more to like about espresso than just concentrated coffee. Here are the reasons why espresso has grown to be one of the most loved drinks in the world.

Elixir of the Heavens

The god shot, the elixir of the gods, golden brew! No matter how it’s called, the espresso is a real treat that makes you thinks it’s a gift from the gods. Espresso brings out the good in every batch of coffee beans. Many find the strength of an espresso inspiring especially if you get the perfect roast for espresso. Not just because of the taste but the entire experience in drinking one.

Strong Flavor

Since espresso is super concentrated, it has the full intensity of coffee. Coffee beans are ground to its finest and packed tightly in the portafilter. What’s unique here is that you’re not blasting it with hot water. You’re forcing steam through it. This minimizes the water that passes through the ground coffee. This extracts the unique intense flavor of coffee without being washed down by water.

Pure Coffee Elegance

Who wouldn’t fall in love with watching an espresso machine gently pour a smooth brown frothy drink filling up a tiny cup? Espresso is the purest form of coffee. When you brew coffee in water, there would still be impurities mixed in your brew. Water in the form of distilled water vapor is used in extracting espresso. Through this, you get the 800 aromatic compounds making your coffee have such a rich taste.

espresso in clay cup

Reduced Acidity

Tannic acids are the ones making our coffee taste bitter and acidic. These are water-soluble compounds that leach into our coffee during the brewing process. In making espresso, water doesn’t stay long enough to extract the tannins. And for that reason, espresso is less acidic, richer, and full of character.

Lingering Aftertaste

Though an espresso is made as a bottom’s up drink, the sensation after taking a sip is just phenomenal. I’m not just saying this because I’m in love with the drink. But, an espresso has this rich aftertaste that lingers around. Espresso is rich in coffee oils producing a caramel rich taste gets trapped in your taste buds.

Versatile Drink

Espresso is now the base of every coffee drink even if you make espresso using a Moka Pot at home. From latte to cappuccino to frappe’s, you need a good shot of espresso to get those drinks going. Everything starts with a good shot of espresso. It’s just a matter of adding certain proportions of milk and froth to make a difference. But when we think about it, every cup of great coffee starts with the perfect elixir of the heavens.

Espresso is not a drink, it’s an experience. It’s not the typical caffeine top up that most employees need. It goes beyond the function of slapping your senses alive. Rather, it’s a wonderful process to take time to learn and enjoy.

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